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Beyond the Pain


What of the man who works the soil

With his long, hard day’s back breaking toil

At night he lays himself to sleep

And he prays to God his soul to keep


He’s beyond the pain

Beyond the pain


And what of the beast and his jungle pride

While the emerald forests are set alight

And the smoke from the trees blackens azure skies

This noble beast must surely die


He’s beyond the pain

Beyond the pain, oh yeah


Oh, and I’ve lived by the river for a thousand years

I must have cried a river, and filled that awful place up with my tears


Oh, beyond the pain, beyond the pain


And what of the country where we must live

With it’s towns and cities no more to give

Well it makes me sad to forsake my home

But I know my path now and I must roam


Oh, beyond the painr

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