James J Turner has been a working musician since the age of 8 .... he played his first gig at the Liverpool Cavern aged 9, he had his first Publishing Deal age 17, and since then through all the twists and turns of life has never stopped writing and performing his music. Here's a few photos to illustrate the journey.

Electric Morning, circa 1980 - 1988
The late 70s saw James's music evolve into more Spiritual and Psychedelic Music, which when fused with a manic electric performance became The Electric Morning. The Electric Morning toured with American bands such as the Rain Parade, True West, the Beat Farmers and The Long Riders, playing all around the UK and Europe. Both John Peel and Andy Kershaw played the Electric Morning records enthusiastically. James quickly attracted the interest of the UK music media. Kev Sampson in Melody Maker said "it's the singer that makes this lot special, with a manic stage presence and a huge Bono style voice". 


Also in the band were:


Joss Doran: Guitar

Stu Valentine: Drums

Eric Whitby: Bass Guitar

(later) Gary Myatt: Bass Guitar


Circa 1978 - 1980

Desribed as " electrifying, primal rock ā€˜nā€™ roll "Lies all Lies was one of the hardest working UK bands of the late 1970s and played countless gigs up and down the country, and enjoyed a cult following.


James was the front-man / vocalist / guitarist and songwriter. Also in the band were:


Paul Hornby: Drums

Graham Leafwood "Leafy": Bass



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