Future Meets the Past

James J Turner gratefully acknowledges the support of Arts Council England in the making of this album.

The Future Meets the Past CD Album COMING SOON!

10 original songs from James J Turner

The Future Meets the Past Tour throughout England

featuring a performance from  James J Turner

following presentations from celebrated Local Historians

Recorded by Andy Bowes at Catalyst Studios, St. Helens

Mixed by Loic Gaillard at Motor Museum, Liverpool

All Words & Music: James J Turner

Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar / Mandolin / Whistles / Shruti: James J Turner

Electric Bass / Double Bass: Etienne Girard

Drums: Dave Ormsby

Violin: Neil McCartney

Violin: Amy Chalmers

Cello: Vicky Mutch

Produced by: James J Turner

Future Meets the Past

1.  Future Meets the Past 4.14

2.  Kalahari Rain  3.51

3.  Hey Brother  3.24

4.  Same Old Story  4.30

5.  Heaven's Inside You  4.14

6.  Cycle of Life  4.49

7.  Move Up to the Light  3.37

8.  Universe  4.05

9.  To the Wild  4.22

10. We Won't Live Under Fear  3.24


Same Old Story

"Same Old Story" is a track taken from James J Turner's forthcoming album "Future Meets the Past" which is supported by Arts Council England and was developed around the theme of the Bardic Druid who tries to reconnect people both to the natural world and the cultural and historical roots of our past.


"Same Old Story" is a stripped back but powerful one-live-take performance featuring James (vocal and Martin D28) plus Amy Chalmers on fiddle;  and  laments the struggle ordinary people face when trying to stay connected to both their cultural heritage and the natural world in the face of ruthless greed and myopic planning.


New Single:

Kalahari Rain

"Kalahari Rain" is a potent piece of life-affirming folk-rock, featuring Neil McCartney from Merry Hell on fiddle plus a rocking rhythm section with Etienne Girard on bass and Dave Ormsby on drums. Vocals are from James, who also plays his trademark Martin D28 with a bit of help from his old friend, a 1973 Fender Strat which James bought new at the time.


Continuing the album theme of the Bardic Druid reconnecting to our roots, Kalahari Rain describes the part played by inspiration, pointing out that even when everything seems hopeless and creativity has dried up, like the impact of the rain in the Kalahari Desert, things can always turn around for the better if you keep believing. 


Hey Brother

The first single from James's forthcoming new album Future Meets the Past was Hey Brother. The theme of “Hey Brother” explores what is often the first chapter of the story of local or family history. Peoples’ roots within, and connection to, local areas are important, and some people can trace their ancestral roots back to particular locations for hundreds of years.  However, local or family histories also usually tell a story of peoples’ migration, as our ancestors have moved around different regions, seeking new opportunities, often out of dire necessity. Hey Brother tells one of these stories from the perspective of a newcomer to an area.


Arts Council Project: More Information


“Past Connections, Inspired Futures” is an Arts Council England supported project which has been awarded to James J Turner. This has funded an album of songs, which James has titled “Future Meets the Past” which will be accompanied by a national tour of the same name. The events are being organised jointly with highly regarded local historians.

The project has been developed around the theme of the Bardic Druid who reconnects people both to the natural world and the cultural roots of our past. The events will consist of a musical performance from James, following a complementary presentation from a leading local historian introducing the local communities’ social and cultural heritage. Through the album and events James will try to express his thoughts on the importance of humanity connecting with both the local and wider environments within historical context.

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