Recording "Spirit, Soul & a Handful of Mud"


James's new solo album, his third, was released on April 22nd 2016. Work started on this much awaited album back in 2013, and here's a few pictures of the journey, from demo-ing in Mersey City Music to recording in Ronnie Stone's Area 51, to mastering at Loft Studios.


Recent Gigs & Events 2016
Witchfest / OBOD / LEAMINGTON PEACE FESTIVAL / Narrowboat Session

Here's some photos of Witchfest, which is the biggest festival of it's type in the world. James was delighted to play a set here at Fairfield Halls, Croydon, London. There are also photos of James's return to OBOD in June 2016 and Leamington Peace Festival 2016;  James's Narrowboat Session and James with Janice Long on Liverpool's Folk Festival on the Dock, August 2016.

OBOD Winter Gathering

Glastonbury, Town Hall

December 2015

James was delighted to be invited back to play a set at the OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) Winter Gathering, held at Glastonbury Town Hall on December 5th. This time he performed with Dan Goodfellow on drums.

Various Festivals

Summer / Autumn 2015

In addition to the OBOD Summer Gathering in Glastonbury, and the Summer Solstice Camp, both in June 2015; James played at several festivals around England in the Summer of 2015, from Wakefield in the North to Devon in the South. Here's some photos. 

Folk & Cider Festival 2015

Cleethorpes, May 2015

James was pleased to be asked back to play at the very cool and brilliant Folk & Cider Festival on 24th May 2015 in Cleethorpes, where he was joined on stage by the fantastic Tracey Smith (on fiddle) and Joe Gray (on djembe and percussion) from Merlin's Keep, who played four songs with him. 

Nature's Way Summer Solstice Camp

June 2015




OBOD Summer Gathering

Glastonbury, Town Hall

June 2015

James was delighted to be invited to play a set at the OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) Summer Gathering, held at Glastonbury Town Hall on June 6th.

BBC London

Pictures taken at BBC London just before the  recent interview and live two song session on the Simon Lederman show.

Nottingham, August 2014
Pagan Pride UK is the UK's biggest free Pagan event, and James was delighted to have been asked to perform there in August 2014. This was a day of community and celebration… beginning with a parade through the streets of the historic City of Nottingham to The Festival at the Arboretum. 
June 2014
Leamington Peace Festival is one of the UK's longest running free festivals, and it takes Festival takes place each year on the weekend before the Summer Solstice. 


Cleethorpes Folk & Cider Festival is a brilliant eccentric event set in a Victorian Railway Station near the sea front. James loved playing there so much he went back there again in May 2015! 




BBC Lancashire

A live performance of three songs, plus an interview, in front of a live studio audience on the Sally Naden Show.



James has done lots of different sessions for BBC Radio Merseyside, including for Billy Butler, Spencer Leigh and Dave Monks. Here's a selection of photos. 

Photos from Other Gigs


Other Photos


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James J Turner playing at Nature's Way Summer Solstice event