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A Game



When I look into those familiar places

Where things aren’t all that they seem

And I take a look at those hollow faces

That are coming apart at the seams


Oh, it’s all a game, cutting and wounding, I’m going insane

And I don’t think I’ll ever get out of here


And I feel so strange when I look down a tunnel

And I can’t even see a light

And I feel so weird when I hear my own voice

Telling me to stand up and fight




They say dreams are OK when they’re kept in the right place

And that’s locked inside your head

What would I do if they tore them away

I might as well be dead, I might as well be dead


Now I’m locked in a whirlpool and it’s dragging me down

As far as my eyes can see

So how can you tell me to hold it together

When it’s got me on my knees






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