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New 2023 album

Future Meets the Past

1.  Future Meets the Past 

2.  Kalahari Rain

3.  Cycle of Life

4.  Real Change  

5.  Breaking of the Ties

6.  Heaven's Inside You  

7.  Same old Story  

8.  Hey Brother

9.  Move Up to the Light  

10. Universe  

11. We Won't Live Under Fear

12. To the Wild 

Recorded by Andy Bowes at Catalyst Studios, St. Helens

Additional Recording by Jose Ibanez at 3rd Planet Recording Studios, Liverpool

Mixed by: Jose Ibanez

All Words & Music: James J Turner

Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar / Mandolin / Whistles / Shruti: James J Turner

Electric Bass / Double Bass: Etienne Girard

Drums: Dave Ormsby

Violin: Neil McCartney

Violin: Amy Chalmers

Violin: Chris Haigh

Cello: Vicky Mutch

Produced by: James J Turner

Arts Council Project: More Information


“Past Connections, Inspired Futures” is an Arts Council England supported project which has been awarded to James J Turner. This has funded an album of songs, which James has titled “Future Meets the Past”.

The album “Future Meets the Past” was developed around the theme of the Bardic Druid who reconnects people both to the natural world and the cultural and historical roots of our past. The new album features characteristic James J Turner songs with strident lyrics, catchy melodies, anthemic choruses and strong hooks, featuring a blend of traditional acoustic and contemporary electric instrumentation.


James’s powerful voice and dextrous guitar playing on Martin D28 provide the backbone to these themed songs accompanied by fiddles from Neil McCartney (from Merry Hell), Amy Chalmers and Chris Haigh; Etienne Girard (upright & electric bass) and Dave Ormsby (drums). The tracks were all recorded as organically as possible with the bass and drums playing live together. The sound is instantly classic, strong and mature, firmly in the Folk-Rock genre but with much to appeal to fans of Americana music too. 

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