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Fade Away

I don’t want to have to stand up and shout it

I don’t even want to talk about it

I don’t know what’s going wrong

But it’s been going on for much too long

And all the pictures they just bring me down

Of people lying broken on the ground

Look, I don’t know what’s coming down

But I think I know what’s moving right around

We’ll fade away, we’ll fade away

And I think our race has been run because 66 plus 6, he’s number 1

Look, don’t tell me there’s no such beast

Because I got my invitation to his feast

And he said, “come out and play,

It’s your life but you must live our way”

And I think that is wrong, oh yeah, oh, I think I must be strong

Or fade away, we’ll fade away

It was just like a Hollywood movie

That kind of scene you know it does not move me

It’s just the same old story, it’s just a case of death or glory

And I don’t want to even turn on my TV

‘Cause that kind of man you know he will not see me

And I get so scared that I can almost taste it

Hey, have you heard how we’re going to waste it?

We’ll fade away, we’ll fade away

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