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Follow Your Light

And I thought I'd climbed a mountain and reached the peak at dawn

And the sun was a jewel that hung in the sky and I was all alone

And in my solitary confinement I knew just who I was

And I could hack a clear path through all of their guilt, and the reason is because

I can say oh, it’s gonna be alright

If you follow your light


And though his name escapes me, I could see him so very clear

And he passed me the colours of a thousand blue skies

And I mixed them with my tears

But when I started painting I didn’t recognise what I saw

And then the clouds rolled aside for a hole in the sky

And I stepped straight through that door



Hey now, now baby, please don’t you cry

‘Cause if you want I could sing you a lullaby

Because the world’s such a hard place, you must be tough just to get by

So hey now, now baby, please don’t you cry


Don’t let the wind blow out your candle, don’t let the torrent douse your flame

Don’t let the hardest words you’ve ever heard cause you too much pain

Because it takes a million tons of pressure and a hundred thousand years

To turn a piece of coal into a crystal clear gem so wipe away your tears


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