Forever No More


When you were all on your own writing letters back home

Did you think that you’d ever return

To the people you left who were quietly bereft,

while their love made the home fires burn?

Were you dead on your feet, did your heart skip a beat?

Did the world for you slowly turn?

Forever no more, forever no more


They sat in ivory towers while you were pushing up flowers

In a field so far away

And I’ll print a retraction if they ever saw action

In the war games they wanted to play

Face down in the mud, hey, did it do any good

When your young life was slipping away?

Forever no more, forever no more


And I’ll sing my song again for all to hear

And I’ll sing my song out loud for all to hear

Forever no more, forever no more


Well, they led you a dance to the trenches in France

Don’t you know that your country needs you?

I’m not saying you were green but you were just seventeen

You volunteered like they asked you to do

And now there’s no birds and bees, there’s no laughter with ease

No lover will ever hold you

Forever no more, forever no more

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