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Heart of Gold




The rich they have the big house high up on the hill

Where they’re eating and they’re drinking until they’ve had their fill

I’ve just had the bailiff round who threw me off my land

And when you’re left with nothing, boys, it hard to make a stand

I may never have the life they lead I’m left out in the cold

But in my life there’s no place for greed if the truth be told

The truth becomes a tool they use to exercise control

I may be a poor man but I have a heart of gold

I may be a poor man but my story’s never told

I may be a poor man but I have a heart of gold


Divide us into countries and send us off to war

And when they’ve had the best of us they’ve always wanted more

If we ever stand as one they play divide and rule

They’ll always find a traitor who will be their puppet fool

You can bet that they’ll play every card that they have in the deck

They’ll keep you where the life is hard and force it down your neck

When we burn it down they feign surprise but what did they expect?

I may be a poor man but I have a heart of gold


There’s a shadow hanging over the land

A show of strength from a brutal hand

Never better, it just gets worse

With my last breath I’ll put a curse on you


I find it hard to watch the pain we give our fellow man

When you add it up it costs the same to do the best you can

And while we talk of money it matters not a bit

But don’t you think it’s funny how some people worship it

Well you can follow any silly rule that gets you through the night

But it takes a special kind of fool who can’t see wrong from right

Then we fight amongst ourselves, much to their delight

I may be a poor man, but I have a heart of gold




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