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How Could We Be Wrong?


Well, busy dishing out the crap

And passing someone else the tab

We found out where it’s really at

How could we wrong?

Bigger armies, bigger bombs

Just waiting for the day to come

When we could murder everyone

How could we be wrong?


Well, it doesn’t matter what we say

We’ve gone and done it anyway

And there’s filth and poison in our air

And we don’t even care

Well, we’ve done it now it’s dead and gone

Annihilation for everyone

There’s no children left to carry on

How could we be wrong?


Different countries, different lives

Different fingers in different pies

A grown man breaks down and cries

How could we be wrong?

There were hopes and feelings swept aside

For something dark held down inside

You know, we threw a party while our planet died

How could we be wrong?





Cut it right back to the bone

Make a point and drive it home

Then cry yourself to sleep alone

How could we be wrong?

Well, you don’t know that you’ve had enough

So get your feet back in that trough

While the devil laughs his head right off

How could we be wrong?





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