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Karma Will Track You Down





You tell me that life is beautiful and you punch your fist in the air

But when the booze wore off the very next day

It turned out you just don’t care

You say that you love animals and you ask me what do I think

I think it’s time that we stopped killing them and making them extinct


Karma will track you down my friend, karma will track you down

It will call when you least expect it to, karma will track you down

Hey, hey, hey, karma will track you down

Hey, hey, hey, karma will track you down


I saw a human being sitting at the side of the road

He didn’t have two pennies to his name

A rich guy  driving in a shiny new car

You know he turned round and looked the other way

A saw a father sitting crying with his head in his hands

He’d lost everything he owned

First they took his kids, then they broke his heart

Then the shitheads through him out of his home




Now, you tell me you like trees and stuff and to cut one isn’t funny

But when the fast food chain wants to buy your land you’d chop the tree down for money

Pissing in the river, poison in the sea, set the whole world on fire

Take a look in the mirror, do it for you not me

Who’s looking back – a big fat liar




Don’t you know there’s no escaping this, you’re riding on the karmic wheel

And if you’re going to do harm to another living thing you’d better think how they feel

Caught in the middle, hung upside down, every way you seem to lose

Keep your head in the sky and your feet on the ground

And be careful which path you choose






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