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Let Love Into Your Heart



Now you’ve gathered up your harvest,  you must reap what you have sown

Going deeper in the forest, you learn to walk the path, and make that path your own


But that’s OK, just let love into your heart

If you lose your way, just let love into your heart


When torrent turns to deluge, and trickle turns to flood

Did you find a place of refuge, because they’d steal your soul if they only could




Well, life can be rough, when you think you’ve had enough

You must turn around and start it off again

Living in a dream, things are never what they seem

Did illusion try to be your fickle friend?




Back then you thought you were a seeker, self-righteous fist shook at the sky

But when look scratch surface deeper, the waves of life were crashing

Like lightning flashing by



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