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Long Way Around




The high tide of youth has ebbed away

Holding all before it in it’s sway

Coursing to the sea without a sound

A raging river flowing underground

All the hopes and dreams of yesterday

Like the light from a candle were blown away


I think I’ll take the long way around if life is mine to grasp now

I think I’ll take the long way around but it goes so fast now

I think I’ll take the long way around this time


I was talking to the moon and she said to me

Just let go and set your spirit free

I’ve been staring at the sun until I lost my mind

He said be careful when you seek you just might find

I’m a universal vibrant soul

I’m gonna keep on pushing til I reach my goal




As the rain flows to the stream and sea

Life flows on through you and me

In the sun and sky and the grass and the trees

The very fabric of nature is alive in me


With every sunset and each sunrise

The sanctity of life before our eyes

I will not falter, I will not lie

I’ll sacrifice myself, I cannot die

The sands of time slip from my grasp

I want to make it mine but it flows so fast




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