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Heaven's Inside You 

From the bitter sweet beginning to the bitter end
Why do you listen to the li
es when you know that the Heaven’s Inside

I know those feelings, desperation in your eyes
But when you get there you can cut straight through all their ties
And break the chains that don’t exist outside of mind
Feel your own pain, beat the drum in your own time

Don't fight it, there's nothing you can do
Heaven's inside you

If you feel weary, that’s just a price that you must pay
So count your blessings as you stumble through your day
You’re on a journey with no beginning and no end
Your heart is open now, there’s no reason to pretend


Build an altar, be the church, you alone know what you’re worth
There’s a temple in your mind, you can leave all their guilt behind


So look around you, let these things into your brain
They’ll be here when you are gone, and they were here before you came
Your soul song humming, creates vibrations in the web
You’re never drowning, just caught on tides that flow and ebb



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