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Well, I know it’s hard to understand

The silly things they’d planned

And their witty repartee

Doesn’t mean a thing to you and me


Like that Kalahari Rain, falling in my brain

If my words were like flowers, dried in the sun

It could make them grow strong again


You know I’d shunned hope

And I’d lost my will to live

I had nothing left to give

But when my heart was screaming No!

I could feel that river start to flow




You’d better save those tears

‘cause they won’t buy you back the years

That you threw away

And I know that you won’t hide

Or compromise your sacred pride

That’s a game that you won’t play




Seek inspiration, because it’s all a state of mind

A reflection of the divine

And what I really mean to say

Is you’ve got life, don’t throw it all away

‘Cause here it comes!




And I can’t stand up but I won’t sit down

I can climb so high I’ll never come down

In the midst of the inferno and the words so profane

I said, Oh! Kalahari Rain!

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