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A thousand rain soaked streets, a million locked front doors
The patter of bare feet on countless ice cold floors
The rituals that guide us, the ancient ties that bind
The future still inside us, the past not far behind

We need change, real change

The counting of the pennies, the turning of the screw
The sad not having anys, deniers of the truth
Controllers of the many, the deep and hollow eyes
The eyes that never soften, the eyes that never cry

We need change, real change

Is this how it is, we’re all just cogs in a well-oiled machine?
How can the future exist if the past was all a dream? 

In the going to bed hungry, in the breaking free dreams
In the hour to hour struggle of a life above your means
In visions of the future through the prism of the past
I need a moral compass ‘cause I’ve strayed right off the path

We need change, real change

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