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Really Not Alone

You’re running round in circles ‘til you can’t even think

You’re trying to make some sense of some crazy, mixed up thing

I hate that certain look I see in your eyes, the one like no-one’s home

You should take it easy, you’re really not alone

Really not alone


It’s just take it or leave it, or just leave it alone

Don’t want to talk about it, why don’t you just leave me alone

I hate it when you brush me off that way, it cuts me to the bone



I’m drifting deep in outer space

I think I’m lost without a trace

When will those storm clouds blow away from me?


It’s hurting deep in your heart, because you’re reaping what you’ve sown

Every hour, every minute, you know it won’t leave you alone

I hate it when you accept fate like that, like all your dreams have flown


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