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Look at the world, and try to count everyone
Do you really feel you’re the only one
Who’s been so down you think you’ll never, ever find your feet?
To know yourself is really where it’s at
But to know the truth can sometimes send you mad
To open the door, you’re going to have to turn a key
Can’t you see?
You’re a Universe

Try to relate, but it’s so very complicated
To live with hate, so many chances wasted
The space inside is infinitesimal
And if you know it all, you’ve got so very far to fall
So don’t project your back’s against the wall
So what you’re a fool?
That’s what makes you special, you’re so special
You’re a Universe

And you must be strong, try to find what’s wrong
When all hope is gone you just keep on keeping on
Because you’re a Universe

There’s nothing you can feel that can’t be talked about
Nothing deep inside that can’t be inside out
There’s nothing you can do that everybody doesn’t do
Because everybody’s got to learn to sink or swim
Give or take a few millennium
The night is dark, so what, let your light shine through
Do it just for you
You’re a Universe


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