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Never Again



Clouds are gathering in the sky today,

the kind of clouds we’ve all seen before

And if you move the bolt just a little way back

they’re going to burst right through the door

The bigots, the violent, the easily led, are flocking like birds of a feather

Forget what the man on the TV said, we’re in for some stormy weather


Never again, never again, never again


Well, it tests my spirit and breaks my heart to see them act with hatred

To say that we are worlds apart could never be overstated

On the altar of money in the name of greed

They’re burning the world at the stake

When they’ve taken more than they could ever need

We have to live in the mess that they make




And the only answer that I can find to their abuse of power

Is to plant a seed in our children’s minds and water it on the hour

And as time goes by, as you know it must, it grows into a flower


There’s anger and hostility where jagged shadows reign

Is it beyond all possibility we could end the constant pain

Of the people with next to nothing

Who are doing the best they can

But it’s hard enough to get from day to day

Without living in a master plan




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