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Remember Me



Remember me when we lived together in forests of azure green?

Remember me when we swam together in deep and foaming seas?

When we could live in equal status in a world not bought or sold

Before you acted as if you hate us, before your blood ran cold

Now the blood drains from my body as the life force leaves my soul

Remember me


Remember me, who gave you the right to take away my rights?

Remember me, who gave you the right to take away my life?

Break me and enslave me as if you’ve gone insane

Hurt me with raw cruelty and shower me with pain

With the Universe as a witness still you feel no shame

Remember me


Enslave me and abuse me for gross financial gain

Capture me and use me, control my DNA

Well, you build me into a fantasy in which I’m never truly free

And when you look into my eyes they ask

Do you remember me?


Remember me, when you could look into my eyes the windows of my soul

Remember me, not quantified in silver and in gold

Oh, I can’t talk to you about the time when the both of us were free

Now you’re in chains of your own making and I scream remember me

Surely every living creature has the right to be free

Remember me





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