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EP Released May 1st 2015












"The music of James J Turner has an immediacy that demands attention, the combination of biting lyric and richly powerful vocal give his acoustic rock-tinged songs an edge it's hard to ignore."



"The songs stand alone as a perfect example of one man's bardic qualities weaving narrative into something outstanding - musician and storyteller combined".



Charlie Elland 


Full review here:



Liverpool Sound & Vision


"The E.P. is a raw progression of sound which has only Mr. Turner’s iconic and strikingly rich voice on it and his trusted Martin acoustic guitar, nothing else, no bells and whistles, no additions and nothing taken away, it is four songs recorded live and with his heart on show. "


"It is music that confirms one of the absolute truths available to humanity, that to be alive is to seek out beauty and in the f0ur track E.P., beauty is everywhere."


Ian D. Hall


Full review here

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