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Tomorrow’s Another Day


All things end like you know they must

Your hopes and dreams will turn to dust

You better laugh or you will cry

Wave everybody you love goodbye

And the time spent in between flew so fast it wasn’t seen

If you blink your eye you’ll miss it, and then it’s gone


But tomorrow’s another day

Your sorrows will melt away

But one thing I know to be true

Tomorrow will be brand new


After night time there is day

Along with pleasure there is pain

Oh, if I asked you would you stay?

Watch out sunshine, ‘cause here comes rain

But the rain will wash away the thing you called today

Though you tried so hard to make it stay the same


Thunder rolls and skies grow dark

Small lost souls and mad dogs bark

Life is like swimming hard upstream

Nothing is ever as it seems

And the things you held so dear seem to be so very near

You just stretch your arms to reach them and then they’re gone




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