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It’s the same old story, they’re dividing up the prize

That they spirited away right before your eyes

They don’t care about right, they don’t care about wrong

As long as they make a profit and that’s how they get along

Yeah, that’s how they get along


It’s the same old story and we all know how it will end

There’s two sides to every road and you’re on the wrong side my friend


They’ll violate the earth and desecrate the land

Calculate the worth of the soil on which you stand

You can have your peaceful protest, they’ll let you have your say

But when they stop pretending they’ll do it anyway


Destroy your children’s heritage and the place where they belong

Block up all the ancient paths til one day they’re all gone

Divert all the rivers, chop the old oak tree

Oh, while there’s money to be made they’ll never let it be


Standing in the mountains I felt the hand of gods

Walking in the footsteps where the ancestors once trod

Stop and have a care, their spirits dwell there still

Would you choose this beauty or dark satanic mills?

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