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Rattling the Chains



I let my inner vision run away, and I get lost in a game I play

I make believe I’m in a beautiful plan, where there’s equality for every man

But this is no film and there will be no sequel

Made in a world where the few are equal

All known life on a rock in space, just disappeared without a trace




They oil the wheels so they can keep on spinning

They make the deals so they can keep on winning

Broken hearts and utopian dreams, all torn apart by self-serving schemes

A childhood spent trying to survive, steeped in horror but still alive

A boy aged five digs for food in the dirt, fully aware that no-one cares




Thoughts could spark a revolution, lock them in an institution, stem the flow

And though their heads were open wide

You would never step inside to help them grow

Rivers of blood and oceans of tears have flowed unchecked for thousands of years

Fresh sacrifice on an altar of pain, the great god money is hungry again

Manipulation, more lies and deceit, in devastation the world at your feet

Pollution, destruction, war and greed

While you take more than you could ever need



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