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The Cycle of Life


In the fleeting shadows and the ghostly smiles

In the sighs of an old man and the cries of a child

In the open doorways and the passage beyond

In the soft hollow moaning and the words of a song


Oh, now the past, the past is dead and gone

And the cycle of life keeps rolling on, and on


In the endless struggle from dawn to dusk

Mired in circumstance that they could not adjust

And in the blowing curtains on a summer breeze

In the smell of cut grass when you took your day of ease




So many roads for you to take all leading to one place

Like ripples on a placcid lake or the lines upon your face




In the gentle trembling of the autumn leaves

In the first snows of winter as they caress the naked trees

In a flurry of laughter, in the midst of tears and strife

I know that I’ll see you after we depart this troubled life



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